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A Motion to Update Policy E.6 Entry-Level Education of Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants

I am receiving email asking for assistance in drafting specific language for RA Motions related to the entry level educational mandates.  Here are my suggestions - please work with your RA representatives and each other to coordinate efforts. II. BODY OF MOTION: I move that the Representative Assembly revise Policy E.6 to read as follows:  PURPOSE: To state the education required for entry into occupational therapy.    IT SHALL BE THE POLICY OF THE ASSOCIATION THAT:   1. The Association recommends and supports entry-level education at the associate and bachelor degree level for occupational therapy assistants.   2. The Association recommends and supports entry level education at the master’s and doctoral degree levels for occupational therapists.    3. Consistent with the Association’s desire to improve practice, education, and research, the Association will take active steps to promote new programs and to assist existing programs to develop in ways that are c