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How George Barton helped to launch the literary career of Emily Post

When you say the name “Emily Post” most people automatically think of her contributions as ‘Miss Manners.’ Although they were actually very close in age, it is probably a forgotten fact that George Edward Barton acted as her “Godfather” and editor who helped to launch her literary career. A very reasonable question is “How was George Barton associated with Emily Post?” In 1889 Emily Price (Post) was a debutante and her arrival on the social scene is well documented in various New York newspapers of the day as well as summarized quite thoroughly by Claridge (2008). At about the same time, George Barton was riding a bicycle through the English countryside, whistling operatic arias and singing with King Edward VII. Tuxedo Park is likely the point of commonality that brought George Barton and Emily Price (Post) into contact with each other. Emily Price’s father, Bruce Price, was also an architect and his most famous work involved the design of the Tuxedo Park community, as commissi