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When is a tantrum not a tantrum?

Jennifer stomped into my office, hair askew and wet socks flapping around her toes. "I hate my shoes and I don't care about the seven day rule!" Jennifer is 9 years old and has severe regulatory difficulties - a psychologist has provided the label of ADHD. She has accompanying motor incoordination, complicated by her generic lack of persistent attention to much of anything other than the Winx Club . As a result she has a hard time learning in school and socializing appropriately with her peers. She has been coming to see me privately for a few months now because she has been discharged from the school program - I am still not sure I understand why. That's another post, I suppose. She has made some good progress with improving her posture, learning to control her body to maintain a sitting position for a longer period of time, and in maintaining persistent attention during non-preferred activities. She has made less progress with her actual handwriting and emotional st