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Reasons to pause when discussing a "sensory processing disorder" construct.

The Sensory Profile is an assessment tool that purports to measure sensory processing abilities (Pearson Education Inc., 2008); there are versions for infant/toddlers, school aged children, and adolescent/adult populations.  The tool has been used to document the incidence of a "sensory processing disorder" construct (Ahn, et. al., 2004; Ben-Sasson, et. al., 2009).  To date, although many scientists recognize that children can have difficulties with processing sensory information, this diagnostic construct has been rejected and is not considered as a distinct clinical entity (AAP, 2012).   For more in depth reading, please reference previous blog posts here . I was interested to see an article in a recent OT Practice magazine regarding sensory processing abilities of children involved in the justice system (Shea and Wu, 2013).  The article presents an interesting test case for use of the Sensory Profile to help understand the nature of some difficulties that these adolesce

Written testimony for public hearing on EI fiscal agent implementation

Although I was initially planning to present oral testimony for the upcoming public hearing on EI fiscal agent implementation I have decided to present written testimony.  My ideas on this differ a little from other providers who very understandably are stressed by the notion of billing because of how difficult this process has been.  I think that a correctly implemented plan as outlined here would be the best solution. Here is what I have submitted: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My name is Christopher Alterio and I am an occupational therapist and private practice (small business) owner in Western New York. Thank you for the opportunity to submit this written testimony. In my practice I see children through the early intervention program and I also see children whose families choose to be seen privately outside of that system. I have been involved with the early intervention system since its inception in the early 1990s and have been working as a pediatric occupational therap