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Best practices for successful OT/OTA partnerships in NYS

  Presented at NYSOTA's Dessert & Dialogue Continuing Education Series, January 5, 2021.  Thanks for stopping by to look at our slides! Click here for slides!

2020 Year in Review: nOT so bad!

  2020 – An eventful year – pedagogy in a pandemic! Celebrating 33 years of certification as an occupational therapist! A trip to Florida to present on ‘qualitative data sources for narrative analysis’ (last time I have traveled out of New York State) Final photo of me as I left the college in the Spring 2020, optimistic for a quick return! Sample 2020 Blog posts : Alterio, C.J. (2020, January 27). On so-called ‘Civility Pledges’ and the abolition of free thought and free speech.   ABC Therapeutics Blog ,   Alterio, C.J. (2020, March 17). Synchronous vs. asynchronous content delivery in context of COVID-19.   ABC Therapeutics Blog ,   Alterio, C.J. (2020, April 12). Immediate action is required to address the crisis in occupational therapy fieldwork