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Is NY State taking steps toward a paraprofessional delivery model for their Early Intervention Program???

New York State has an electronic information management system for the Early Intervention Program that involves a mechanism for billing and reporting services to the municipalities and state.  This system is called the New York Early Intervention System and is generally referred to as NYEIS.  I received email today regarding use of procedure codes in the NYEIS system and I want other practitioners to be aware of some issues. The email describes the difference between Level I and Level II HCPCS codes.  In quick summary, Level I codes are also referred to as CPT codes and are standard and typically accepted codes that represent the professional activities of licensed health care professionals.  Some of them are rather specific and include things like "OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY EVALUATION" or "PHYSICAL THERAPY EVALUATION" or "THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE."  Some insurance companies don't approve of some of these codes, particularly if they think that there is not

Speech to occupational therapy students and parents: Ways You Will Be Paid.

I was invited to speak at a PTE induction ceremony.  Here is the text of my speech.  Please excuse the vernacular and form; it was written for oral delivery: __________________________________________________ Hi everyone and thank you for inviting me to speak to this group.  It is an honor to be invited and I want to congratulate all of the students for their excellent efforts and performance, I want to congratulate the parents and family members for all that they did to lay the foundation that made this excellence possible, and I want to congratulate the faculty for all of their contributions that also helped with the achievements we are here  to celebrate. Pi Theta Epsilon was not in national existence when I went to occupational therapy school, and I am so pleased to see how it has grown and flourished in the last 25 years.  Students frequently ask me "Is is worthwhile to participate in things like PTE?"  I always answer with a heartfelt YES!!!.  Over the course of my