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The impact of the janitor on an occupational therapy practice

Owning a private practice is a never-ending adventure that usually causes the owner to take on many different job roles.  This Saturday I put on my janitor clothes and tried to take care of some things that were starting to turn from minor annoyances to full blown problems. I am not embarrassed to talk about the presence of these things that need fixing or adjusting, mostly because I have a comfort level with the humble nature of our mom-and-pop therapy shop. The families that come to us seem to understand that, I think, because sharing stories about the tribulations of trying to get things done probably resonates with the busy and complicated lives that they are also leading. The only problem is that I am not a janitor, or even a poor excuse for one.  That means that only sometimes I get things right.  So I cheered as I won a battle against the broken copier,  looked proudly on my successful taming of the broken heating vent - but then I met my match. I could not repair the brok