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Sometimes the most logical thing to do is to stop being logical

An issue came up today that probably needs some discussion.  A parent of a young child was worried about protecting the child's remaining kidney with a kidney guard.  The doctor was not interested in supporting the request for the kidney guard, mostly based on evidence that there is no reason to believe that they are effective and also based on the fact that kidney injuries are quite rare.  (Grinsell, et al, 2012). One particular recommendation regarding kidney protection by Psooy, 2009 reads as follows: Parents should try to keep things in perspective: If they are not going to restrict a child from an activity based on the child having only one “head,” then they should not restrict the child from that activity based on having only one kidney Evidence – Level 3: Those activities most associated with high-grade renal trauma (bicycling, sledding, downhill skiing, snow boarding and equestrian), have more than a 5 × relative risk of head injury compared to renal injury