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Liveblogging at the student conclave

This weekend I am attending the AOTA/NBCOT Student Conclave and was excited to see hundreds of students in attendance! I offered some welcoming remarks to the attendees prior to Dr. Clarke's keynote presentation last night. This morning Paul Grace, the CEO of NBCOT, offered an excellent presentation on 'Steps Toward Your Essential Credential.' Paul gave students many tips on how to prepare for taking the certification examination, including information on making sure that all college or university requirements are met, how to set up an account with NBCOT, review of examination security, and a call to participate in NBCOT examination development after students achieve their certification. He also encouraged all students to participate on the NBCOT Facebook page . Each week sample exam questions are posted and students engage in conversation using evidence-based practice on how to arrive at the best answer. As I type, there are two separate sessions for OTR and COTA candi