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A Machiavellian win for the NYS Early Intervention Program

Well I believe in equal opportunity blogging so when NYS does something correct with the early intervention program I have to herald the effort. On August 17 Governor Cuomo signed a bill that facilitates payment of claims by health insurers to municipalities for early intervention services . In a previous blog post I talked about the 85% denial rate that exists because the state government doesn't know how to collect from private insurance companies. This new law causes the IFSP to meet any precertification, preauthorization and medical necessity requirements imposed on benefits under any insurance policy. There are additional new rules that prohibit insurers from denying claims based on the location where services are provided, the duration of the child's condition or that the child's condition is not likely to improve within a time specified in the policy, the absence of a referral by a primary care provider, or that the provider is a non-participating or non-n