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The AOTA reckless plan to open up all state occupational therapy practice acts

reckless. adjective (of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action. "reckless driving" On February 6-7, 2017, AOTA convened an ad hoc committee . This group was charged with the task to explore current experiential requirements for OTs and OTAs. As a result, the ad hoc group recommended a new model of experiential education that makes several disruptive changes including changes to the length of fieldwork and creation of a post-graduate first year practitioner resident program. Under this plan, graduates would complete the certification examination and practice under a limited license until the residency was completed. The group identified that this would involve the revision of many state's practice acts. They indicate that they were informed by staff and content experts on implications of these decisions. However, there were no state regulators listed in the ad hoc group. There were no representatives from t

Annual NY early intervention post

Early intervention providers in New York State should be aware that when Governor Cuomo does not get what he wants he just tries to cram it down everyone's throat via legislation - repeatedly. Blogging about the annual attacks on the early intervention program got boring around 3 years ago .  At that point in time the State Fiscal Agent (SFA) that is costing the taxpayers of NY millions of dollars in contract fees was only collecting 15% of monies billed for services.  In 2016 nearly 85% of claims submitted by the SFA to private insurers were denied. Now in 2017, 82% of claims submitted by the SFA to private insurers are being denied .  That is just pathetic.  They have no idea what they are doing.  It is boring to repeat the same thing every year, but if anyone ran their practice with the inefficiency of the SFA they would not have a practice. What is more pathetic is that we have been identifying how pathetic the SFA is for years - but no one listens to the provider commu