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Snort-worthy: NYS makes EI providers prove financial hardship before they will pay.

Here is some follow-up information for parents who are wondering why their children are on a waiting list for the NY State Early Intervention Program.  As indicated in earlier posts, there are fewer providers available to deliver services because many have left the early intervention system.  The program has directly contributed to a systematic destruction of small businesses operated by therapy providers around the state.  Those who remain are large agencies who are now beginning to be cash-strapped and others who happen to have a level of uncommon/savvy navigation skills that allows them to operate amidst the NY State-generated chaos.  Most early intervention providers have not seen payments since mid to late March and based on current projections they are only now beginning to trickle out partial payments for services that were delivered in the beginning of April. If you read through the blog you will find a series of entries describing the disastrous implementation of a centrali

Tinfoil hat analysis: Crypto-eugenics and the autism community

I believe in science and I also believe in scientific advancement.  I have stated before that I am not a Luddite even though I sometimes take positions that might cause people to question. I am having another Luddite moment though. About a year ago I wrote a cautionary post to the autism community, advising them to embrace the DSM-V changes that would make diagnosis more difficult.  In summary the post was a tinfoil hat analysis of eugenics and disabilities and reflected on what we have seen happen in the T21 community.  Today I am thinking that embracing DSM-V changes  is not enough to provide appropriate cover from the crypto-eugenicists. Well it is time to dust off the tinfoil hats because we have ongoing evidence of more shift toward a death culture that now has the autism community directly in the crosshairs. Walker et al (2013) just published a study that essentially creates a context where autism risk can be accurately identified via looking at the creases and folds in