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Letter to a prospective occupational therapy student

I think program directors and faculty can tune in to this as well so they are more aware of what goes on... Dear Prospective Occupational Therapy Student: Thank you for contacting me and asking about volunteer opportunities at my facility.  As a part-time occupational therapy educator I understand that most programs have some component of volunteerism associated with application to a program. I had to complete a similar level of volunteer experience when I applied to my occupational therapy program as well, and I fondly remember my volunteer experiences.  I began those experiences a full year prior to submitting my application, probably because I read the admission requirements and saw that it was something valuable that would help me begin to make choices about a possible occupational therapy career. My first volunteer experience was exciting and frightening.  I assisted in a crafts group that was run at a long-term institutional setting for veterans who had severe mental heal

Health insurance policy and indirect methodologies for cost control

Last week the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the final rule for the 2013 Home Health Prospective Payment System. The rule includes rate reductions as well as complex new requirements for re-assessment and coding. It is only a 298 page document that requires accountants, lawyers, and politicians to interpret but don't worry. It has been interesting in the last week to read email and press releases from therapy staffing agencies who are struggling to process the changes associated with the new CMS rules in addition to the realities of aspects of the Affordable Care Act which has impact on health benefits they need to offer to their own employees.  These staffing agencies took a double hit this past week so if you know anyone who owns one of these agencies or functions as a manager of these services I strongly suggest you offer them Advil, a shoulder to cry on, or perhaps a long vacation. Normally I am not a big fan of 'travel' therapy or tem