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The best way to discharge a patient.

Life is complicated enough that I try to avoid having existential crises as often as possible, but it is Monday and humans are natural meaning-makers and I can't escape my tendencies. Anyway, I was perusing Facebook this weekend and saw a partially familiar face as a 'recommended' friend. I am not certain of the algorithm and logic that Facebook uses to make these recommendations - I imagine it is at least loosely based on 'degrees of separation' computations. The partially familiar face was Freddie, who I have not seen in many years. I worked with Freddie when he was on the cusp of his adolescence. I remember him as being an intelligent and extremely likeable fellow who had some pretty tough problems with his handwriting and social skills. He made a lot of developmental progress while I worked with him, and as with most kids there seemed to be a time when he just no longer needed the direct intervention. The last day of seeing a child for therapy is always a l