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Can you have too many books?

On the theme of having 'too many' of something... Can you have too many books? My choice to engage in private practice complicated my life plan to have dedicated spaces for work and play.  Work became a lifestyle, and the Internet just made the whole problem that much more complicated - accessing email and any other point of information at any time.  I am not sure why I didn't consider this back in 1981 when I first logged onto CompuServe.  I might have planned all this differently, and maybe made different life choices about information access. Anyway, I think that I have too many work-oriented books.  Maybe.  Or maybe I just have too many in locations that I don't want to have them in.  I am working from one satellite office today and I looked at the books overflowing the bookshelf all over the floor.  How does this happen?  I thought for a moment to just move them all down the street to my college office, but then I started looking at them and immediately r