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On beehives, planetary motion, and reasons for not writing reports sooner.

Autumn clings tightly to these late November days like the last remaining leaves on the trees.  Looking out into my front yard I see that bee hives and abandoned birds nests also populate the branches of trees.  I know that the leaves fall and they fertilize the earth and feed the trees for the Spring.  I have been wondering if the bees re-populate their hives, or if the birds recycle their nests.  I have to look into that. Why is it that my immediate impulse was to remove these remnants of the Spring and Summer?  In my mind I was waiting for it to be cold enough so that the bees would be torpid.  I have been developing a plan for the last several weeks to knock the beehive out of the tree, recreating a childhood family tradition of smashing a pinata with a bat on New Years Day.  I didn't expect that candy would come out.  In fact, I was praying that angry bees would not possibly come out, which is why I was waiting until we were full into Winter. Being a professional beehiv