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The lost art of evaluation in pediatric occupational therapy

This is a topic that is probably long overdue - it is something that I have observed in my geographic area for a long period of time. Based on conversations I have with therapists around the country I know that it is not exclusive to my area. Increasing demands on therapist time, decreasing reimbursements, and dependence on a non-centralized workforce that is not subject to an intense quality improvement process has contributed to significant changes in how occupational therapy 'evaluations' are completed. Our agency made attempts to impact this system while contracted to complete some evaluations, but 'contractor status' did not place us into a position to make broad system changes. Now it seems that the entire community is stuck into a cycle of low expectations based on long history. Unfortunately, there is no centralized service delivery system or 'top-down' method of assuring quality control - so I think the only way this can change is for the stakeholder

NYS Early Intervention Update - SEICC meeting

The State Early Intervention Coordinating Council held a meeting on June 14 (yesterday) to accept or reject the new regulations regarding issues including the 15 minute increment billing and adjusted early intervention rate calculations. I just finished speaking with Holly Kennedy from the EIP and she confirmed that the current rulemaking was rejected and that there will be a new rulemaking (look for the new Rules proposals in the Register around the end of June). There will be another 45 day comment period (but no public hearings). Ms. Kennedy stated that some alternate proposals may appear in the rulemaking but she was not free to be specific about those at this time. I have some initial information about those proposals but won't publish my information until I can verify and source it. Finally, I was told that any current service plans will continue in effect past any new rules - and will be revised on an individual basis during the regular review period. When I get details ab

The news is so sad today I don't even know what to say.

There are a couple important stories in the news today that everyone needs to watch. In this first story we see an absolute lack of understanding in how a governmental agency responded to an adult who was trying to board a plane with his family: Dr. David Mandy: Special Needs Son Harassed by TSA at Detroit Metropolitan Airport: In the second story we see people completely disrespecting and interfering with a Special Olympics activity. It is certainly within their rights to express their displeasure about whatever they want, but sane people would choose a time and place that is appropriate for such a protest: Lastly, and most tragically, is the continued failure of NYS - all these years after Willowbrook we thought it would never happen again: It is very clear to me that as a society we still have a very long road to travel.