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The way Occupational Therapists can use Child Protective Services and the SPCA

I was ranting about the sad state of the Child Protection Service in NY state in this recent post that you may choose to reference for background reading. I am still assigned to that case and the living conditions continue to be unacceptable for children. The lack of basic hygiene places the children at risk for health problems and it also makes for an unsuitable environment to provide any kind of developmental therapy service. I just continue to document all of the issues but my hopes sometimes falter. In a completely unrelated case one of my therapists was providing occupational therapy to a four year old in a family home. It is not easy finding therapists to work in urban conditions because to be honest it is a cultural issue and many therapists don't know what to do when they are faced with an environment and culture that radically departs from their own experiences. I know that people take classes and talk about the importance of cultural diversity in college, but trust me peo