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Burn the land and boil the sea...

...You can't take my identity away from me. You can take my sign though, apparently. My apologies for vague geek references with the quote. Anyway, what is a sign? I guess it is useful for letting people know where you are, or what you are about. It is an outward representation of you - but it is not you. It does not have the substance of you, although it may have some superficial representation of what you are about. We all have signs. Some of them are the clothes we wear or the personality we express on any given day. I am sign-less this evening. I awoke this morning and was receiving many signs, of a different sort. I felt watched over today, which I understand is entirely unbelievable after this other information I am about to share. But I drove up to a school to do a few evaluations this morning and I felt watched over . It isn't a feeling I have on most days, to be sure, and I thought it was odd. Work-life has been roiling lately - switch to a new payroll system, end o