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occupational therapy runs in the family

We had a family function recently and my Great Uncle Joe brought his artwork for everyone to look at. It was such a treat to be able to see his work, and now it has surfaced again on the web. Please indulge my family photos here - this is my sister Stephanie admiring his artwork. I am so glad that I had this picture - now I don't have to risk copyright infringment by using the one in the paper... Here is link to a very nice article in the Albany Times-Union about my Great Uncle Joe . Under most circumstances I wouldn't use this forum to link to news articles about relatives, but I admire my Uncle Joe so much that I want to spread this around. I figure he wouldn't mind since it is already out in the public domain. I don't know if my Uncle knows about occupational therapy and I don't think I have ever discussed it with him. However, this story illustrates the bi-directional power of occupation - in this case both for him as a teacher and for the people who sign up fo

Join our team!

We are growing again! We have openings in the Fall for the following positions - please spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested in employment: COTAs OTRs PTAs PTs The positions are pediatric - preschool and school based in Erie County, New York. Thanks for spreading the word! If anyone is interested in applying for a position they can call (716) 759-8634, or stop by and visit at ABC Therapeutics , or email at We would love to hear from you...

More notes from the carceral archipelago

Advance warning: this is not for the faint of heart. If you are easily offended, please move on. I don’t want to discuss too many details because this is a sensitive situation, so I will try to focus my discussion on the issues of sociobiology, sensory processing and behavioral analysis, disability rights, and of course the carceral archipelago. I get the most interesting referrals. A recent one was for a young adult who has mild to moderate developmental disabilities who was removed from his community vocational placement because of inappropriate sexual behavior. A psychologist had the idea that perhaps some of the behaviors were generated from a ‘sensory seeking’ type of profile so I was asked to assess this area and provide some input for the team to consider. I would like to offer an analogy for purposes of beginning this discussion. I am not equating human and animal behavior by giving this example, but rather trying to find a means of opening a discussion on instinctive sexual a

Road trip?

I can't seem to add pictures - and don't know why. Oh well. I recently received an email announcing AOTA's Annual Capitol Hill Day Kick-Off . I went to this event last year and am now deciding if I will participate again this year. The primary issue I discussed last year was the legislation to repeal the Part B cap on therapy services. My senator's aide agreed that this was an important issue to residents of New York State but asked us if we had approached CMS with this issue. As a group we explained that this was an issue that had to be addressed legislatively, and I am not entirely convinced that the aide had a full understanding of this issue. She expressed that Part D Medicare legislation was on the forefront of all health care legislation for the upcoming session and she expressed sincere doubt that any other Medicare legislation would come to the floor for a vote prior to the Part D legislation being addressed. Now we see that there is a cap exception process -