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Analyzing the AOTA/ACOTE Data Dump, Part Two: Some Stakeholders Are More Equal Than Others

Please refer to this earlier post for background reading. According to the 'ACOTE Entry-Level Task Force Report to ACOTE in December, 2014 (p. 381-393), some stakeholders appear to be 'more equal' than others. The notion of being 'more equal' is a reference to Animal Farm and the pigs who ran the farm.  They famously stated that "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."  In simple terms, the ruling elites of Animal Farm made claims that everyone is equal, but then we discovered that they provided benefits and power and privileges only to their elite comrades. What privileges are handed out by AOTA/ACOTE?  The answer can be found starting on page 381. AOTA/ACOTE overtly places stakeholders onto different 'lists.' These are not categories or labels of my design - these are the actual lists of AOTA/ACOTE: The 'A' List: Educational Program Directors Academic Fieldwork Coordinators OT/OTA Faculty OT/

Analyzing the AOTA/ACOTE Data Dump, Part One

Today AOTA/ACOTE released 897 pages of information, stating  In response to requests for background information on ACOTE’s decision on the entry-level-degree requirement, we are sharing this workbook (see link below). The workbook includes a timeline of events and discussions undertaken by the Council leading to publication of the 2017 mandate statement. It also includes reports, surveys, open hearings, and publications reviewed by the members of the Council in coming to their decision. These materials support both the pros and cons of the entry-level doctorate mandate. The Council took all of these materials into account when making their decision. The materials are not organized at all, making understanding of the released data difficult.  Here is a link to a Google Sheets doc that might be helpful for interested parties to sort through the material: LINK TO GOOGLE SHEETS TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR AOTA/ACOTE INFORMATION Readers are directed in particular to those lines in the do

Part Three: Academic Leadership Council Meeting, October 2017

Part One: Academic Leadership Council Meeting, October 2017 posted here. Part Two: Academic Leadership Council Meeting, October 2017 posted here. This is Part Three of a multi-part report about the Academic Leadership Council meeting that was held in Dallas Texas on Thursday October 26, 2017. +++ During the opportunity for conference participants to address ACOTE/AOTA a question was asked about the evidence used to inform the ACOTE Visioning Taskforce.  This is an ad hoc group that was reportedly created by ACOTE to further assess the current healthcare and educational environment. The goals of the Visioning Taskforce were to: 1) Identify trends from the previous ACOTE survey that related to the vision of OT education and the profession; 2) Review evidence and current findings regarding visioning in OT education and the profession; and 3) Address the perceptions of stakeholders in our communities related to the current and future status of OT education. Reportedly, th