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Globalization and occupation therapy - a continued musing.

I have been talking about the implications of globalization on the occupational therapy profession for quite some time - it started off with blog posts here  and then a presentation at OT24VX in 2015 .  Then I gave the topic a whole chapter in my theory textbook in 2019 .  Then there were more blog posts here and here . In sum, I am uncertain if occupational therapy is a unitary global profession, although I now add this caveat: at least as understood in the publications of academics.  I add this caveat now because I am uncertain if the things that people in academia write about truly reflects actual practice in other countries.  I know that in the United States there is some academic scholarship that is highly relevant to practice, and other scholarship that leaves me wondering if I am an occupational therapist according to the way some suggest that practice should be constructed. So for example I read the Canadian Journal and wonder if everyday practitioners are functioning in '