Revisiting predictions from the past.

I regularly try to find justification to feed my children on why they need to listen to me - so today I will co-opt this space for personal use. Over four years ago I made a prediction and a wish - and today it came screaming to life as I watched CNN in the airport on my way back home from Chicago.

All day they have been focusing their reports on how technology is being used for fundraising and to help connect and reconnect displaced people in Haiti with their families. That reminded me that I wrote about using the technology for this purpose well over four years ago - long before it was ever really used in that way!

After I posted those comments in 2005 I watched social networking for two years and wondered which social networking service would emerge on top, and then I joined Facebook in 2007 - even though it was still primarily a college student phenomenon at the time. I was promptly ridiculed by my son who told me I was 'too old for Facebook!' I remember I showed him this article and told him that soon all the old people would be on Facebook so he better watch out!

So I am glad to see the world is catching up with the crazed rantings of dynamic systems thinking. In my way of perceiving things this model of thinking is at the core of most good occupational therapy.


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