Student survey: What education level is needed for COTAs?

Please consider helping an OT student by taking this non-scientific survey so she can gather opinions on what education level is needed for COTAs.

The survey is at



Just completed the poll - I do not think COTA's should be required to get a bachelor's.

Speaking of polls - just put one up on our blog regarding daily physical education and 504/IEP at PE and 504 IEP. Please take a moment to answer it just for fun.
Michael said…
I can't say anything because I' student of Occupational Therapy University. When I went for admission I didn't have COTA's.

So, I think it's not required
I'm not entirely sure what Michael was driving at but it seems that broad issues of education and licensing of OTAs exists for our Canadian neighbors also


When there is a lack of standards there is a lot of unfortunate opportunity for confusion.

NY State still does not require that occupational therapy assistants pass the NBCOT examination, which in my opinion is simply unacceptable. Allowing people to practice on limited permits under supervision until they pass their exam is fine - but the lack of a permanent credentialing requirement causes harm to the profession and is a danger to the public.

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