New York toughens child abuse laws, some.

Earlier this year I wrote about Nixzmary Brown and I was happy to learn that Governor Paterson signed the bills into law that toughened possible sentencing for child murderers.

Under the new law, an adult who intentionally causes the death of a person under the age of fourteen years old can be found guilty of Aggravated Murder if they tortured the victim prior to death. [Penal Law §§ 125.26] The bill also authorizes a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. [Penal Law §70.00(5)].

Tougher sentencing options are good - and if you want to feel good about this outcome then don't look into the history of the case. If you want to feel good about this outcome then don't research any details about the trial.

If you happen to do any research into this you will still feel an empty aching in the pit of your stomach. I suppose there should be no rest for the wicked - and we really have not yet done enough.


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