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(I intended to post this over a week ago; life got in the way).

Here are some recent questions that I will answer here:

Hi Chris, I'm an occupational therapist working in a child development clinic in Israel. I am looking into the validity of the Wilbarger brushing technique. I've come across very little that validates the intervention. I thought I read on your blog some sort of critique of the lack of evidence. It might have been on a different blog, but would appreciate your feedback nonetheless especially after reading your thoughts on evidence based practice. Thanks and have a happy new year!-dena

Hi Dena!

Happy New Year to you too! I have blogged about the Wilbarger protocol here ( Nothing has really changed since I wrote that last April. There has been nothing new published that I have seen.

People use the search terms ‘Wilbarger protocol’ frequently, based on hits to this blog. I believe that people like the idea of an intervention that is so concrete in its application for such a troubling problem.

All that being said, just because something isn’t fully researched doesn’t make it worthless. A lack of evidence just means that we need to be judicious in the way that we present information to consumers (families, insurance companies, other professionals, etc.). A lot of statements have been made about this intervention as if there was evidence to support a deep pressure protocol being done a certain way, or with a certain brush, or with a certain schedule. I don’t believe it is fair to say that we really know that much about this intervention at all.

In my opinion the problem with lack of evidence for a Deep Pressure Protocol is troubling primarily because of the conviction with which it has been presented to consumers.

Here is another one:

My Grandchild does not seem to react well to transitions ie. He keeps repeating phrases over and over, almost stuck of them and he gets fixated on certain toys. The only thing he likes when he gets upset is I give him BIG hugs and sort of rough house with him, for some crazy reason he is much calmer AFTER I play hard with him. WHY? I don't even know if you can help me with him but we are open for suggestions.

I get a lot of questions like this, asked on the website or in a comment on the blog. The problem is that there is NO CONTACT INFORMATION! So, I would love to help, but so much more information is needed. The best I can say is to see an occupational therapist for an evaluation. Also, please leave contact information so we can contact you if you have this kind of question!

Happy New Year to everyone!


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