Smiles from Nicholas

I knew a boy named Nicholas, and I don't think that it needs to be confidential any longer. Nicholas had cerebral palsy and I was randomly chosen to be his occupational therapist. That's the way referral patterns go sometimes - and it just amazes me - because on any given day as an occupational therapist you just don't know what your life might be thrown toward.

I am not going to attempt to re-tell Nicholas' story because his parents have already documented it far better than I ever could.

I would like to ask everyone to go visit their web site and Foundation Smiles from Nicholas.

I learned a lot from Nicholas and his family So although there were tears, there was laughter more. And although there was pain, there was joy more. And when things seemed bleakest, they lived.

I have been thinking about them a lot and I don't know how a world can right itself after the death of a child, but I trust that it will in one way or another (with a a little help from above of course).

Nicholas and his family inspire me, and I know you will feel the same. Please go visit, and enjoy some Smiles from Nicholas.


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