Contributing to the cause

April is OT month. It seems that every group, movement, or cause has a Day or Month. Still, April has always been OT Month in my mind, long before I found out that it was also Autism Awareness Month, Cesarean Awareness Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, National Humor Month, National Welding Month, National Garden Month, etc... you get the point.

In the past I have done public service announcements on radio, radio interviews, spent money on advertising, endured a promotional cable-access 4 part series, (think Wayne's World meets OT), and of course there are the standard guest lectures in front of highschoolers that could care less, giveaways at college job fairs, and the perennial poster presentation in the employee workroom/cafeteria/front hallway.

This year I decided to do something of more substance. This website remains an ongoing project to support the cause, as is this other website. (Shameless method for generating more web traffic).

Then there was my real television debut today: Caroline and I did a segment on AM Buffalo . It was definitely less painful than the Wayne's World experience - and hopefully a more effective medium for transmitting a message.

This really raises the bar for next year though. Maybe we should try skywriting.

What did you do for OT Month?


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