An example of a job well done!

OK, I admit that I snipe in here sometimes - but it is because I believe in my profession and I want to see it represented in what I consider to be positive ways - but this blog always represents just my opinion anyway - one voice in a very large universe of ideas.

Well today I want to turn away from sniping and instead give an unsolicited thumbs up to Toni Schulken who is a pediatric OT in North Carolina. I was browsing through Wal Mart today picking up a curtain rod for the office and I wandered past the office supplies section and some writing paper caught my attention.

Mead is marketing and selling some writing paper - some of it has raised ruling, some has ruling of various widths, some has highlighted margins, etc. You can view some of their products here. I am not endorsing this product because that is not what this blog is about - I really haven't used the paper and I haven't seen all of it but from my quick glancing I am certain that some of it is great for the intended purposes.

What is impressive though is that Toni has apparently helped develop these materials and on the product it clearly states that she is a pediatric occupational therapist and of course her OTR credentials are shown as well.

Now there is no shortage of various types of writing paper in all the catalogs that we get - but Toni's work is commercially available in Wal Mart - and that impresses me. I think that it sends a great message to the public about how OTs are handwriting experts. It is great marketing for the occupational therapy profession, and we should all pause to thank her.


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