wild grapes

I was driving in my car on my way to see some children for the early intervention program this morning, and I did not feel 'right.' I can't explain the feeling. The radio (my daily companion) was irritating. The sky and earth just didn't seem to meet at their ends. Everything was just 'tilted.' After fidgeting for 15 minutes I called my sister.

She distracted me well enough and we had a pleasant conversation. I was able to refocus and I had wonderful visits with some new children on my caseload. September is always exciting to me because it is all about promise and beginnings.

I spent part of the morning crawling around the gym of a Head Start program. The child that I see there couldn't ride a tricycle like the other children, so instead we parked ourselves near the gas pump and called the children over individually so we could 'fill them up' as they wheeled by. I think he liked it.

I had a bittersweet feeling about that session all day long.

End of the day. Tilt is still here. I need to get some sleep - to let go of the day. Makes me consider a Robert Frost poem -

The mind-is not the heart.
I may yet live, as I know others live,
To wish in vain to let go with the mind-
Of cares, at night, to sleep; but nothing tells me
That I need learn to let go with the heart.


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