Hi everyone...

This is the ABC Therapeutics weblog. We are occupational therapists in Western New York.

More coming soon...


Cayzle said…
"an experimentation in hermeneutic analysis of the narrative understanding of our collective experiences as OTs" ... so that's the new-fangled slang you kids are using now? Back in the day, we old folks just called it "a blog."

Well, congrats on starting your blog!

Anonymous said…
I wondered if all my daughters have strep throat (oldest does, younger ones pending).
Dear Chris:In the new york times magazine six weeks ago, strp was the topic of an article...strep according to the article causes a "type of loop thinking in the cortex of the brain", because of the similarity to a particular neuro-chemical protien transmitter in the passage process... most fascinating medical science article I've read this year....watch out for strep!!!

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