Reasons for working late

OK everyone... make sure to visit here... This will take you to the Children's Assessment of Participation and Enjoyment (CAPE) and Preferences for Activities of Children (PAC). Yes, this is a wonderful new assessment I am currently enjoying, but it is also why I worked 18 hours today.

The CAPE provides data on an individual’s day-to-day participation for the purpose of intervention planning or measuring outcomes. CAPE scores provide information about the diversity (number of activities done) and intensity of participation, as well as children’s enjoyment of activities and the context of children’s participation (with whom and where they participate in activities). The PAC may be used to assess an individual’s preference for activities.

Both measures are appropriate for clients with or without disabilities between the ages of 6 and 21 years. CAPE and PAC may be used independently or together. Activity types addressed in both measures include: recreational, physical, social, skill-based, and self-improvement.

If I had unlimited time I would create some EXCEL sheets that would do all the crazy calculations that are necessary to score these tests. From the best I can figure, the people who wrote it assumed that they could pass off the data to some hapless graduate student who would pore over the numbers until their eyes crossed. Something must be done.

Anyway, wouldn't it be fun to gather scores on kids who have discrete conditions, and compare them to other groups? Talk about easy, and talk about interesting.

Well, to some of us anyway.


Anonymous said…
Dear Chris
I was interested to read that you have used the CAPE in practice.
I am a 3rd year student beginning to put together a research proposal.
I am hoping to use the CAPE as a data colection tool but I have very little information on it and have been unsucessful in locating articles about it's use.
I would be grateful for any information or advice you could share with me.
ceriwynne said…
Dear CHris
Do you have a copy / sample copy of the CAPE/PAC you could email me please?
Dear Ceriwynne,

The CAPE/PAC is copyrighted and has to be purchased from the publisher. You can order it here


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