Of birds and toilet bowl flanges and need for vacation

I talked a little about the thinking I do while driving yesterday... and I failed to mention that my absolute best thinking is accomplished while mowing the lawn with my John Deere tractor.

There I was, driving around in established circles in my back yard when I approached my MacGyver-like birdfeeder. I never imagined myself to be overly creative with constructing or building things - I remember frustrating my OT 'media' teachers with my lack of creative skill. But I really redeemed myself with my birdfeeder.

It used to be a pole for the satellite dish, but I removed the dish and capped off the solid steel pole with an (unused) 3" toilet bowl flange, and then attached the bird feeder to the flange. It was ingenious, if I do say so myself. Actually, I probably got the idea to do that while riding on my John Deere. See?

Anyway, there I am driving around and I get to the bird feeder and I see a bird stuck inside the feeder. My first thought was to capture the bird and keep it as a pet, but then I remembered that I wasn't ten years old anymore. Then I thought... 'Look at that stupid bird, stuck inside the very thing that was designed to give him sustenance.' Suddenly, in a flash of insight, I considered how good it would be to go on vacation.

See, my best thinking is accomplished on the seat of my tractor.


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