Things that go into private practice that you didn't think about

Small projects never end when you are in private practice. Some are practice oriented and others are just plain annoying - but you can't always measure the criticality of something that needs to be done by the relative value that you are inclined to place on it.

In other words, sometimes you have to do things and label them as critical even though it really doesn't matter to you. Or even if it seems intuitive and shouldn't require labeling or undue attention.

In short, your opinion does not always matter. There are Gods to answer to, and they demand attention.

Entire afternoons can pass me by as I answer the whimsical calls of demanding Gods. Sometimes it is the call of a municipality who needs a 30th copy of malpractice insurance. Sometimes it is the call of an auditing or survey team, asking for clarification on item 27, subpart b, page 2, of a triplicate-submitted corrective action plan. Sometimes it is the dazed and confused compensation carrier who doesn't understand that the EIN number changed at the demands of the lawyer, which led to a cascading disaster of confusion because governmental and regulatory agencies just don't understand the fact that sometimes EIN numbers change.

As I hung my updated compliance posters today I stepped back and took a picture with my cell phone camera. It just seemed amusing to me.

There are just so many Gods to answer to. This is why my eyes glaze over when people ask, "So Chris, what did you do today?"

Today, I wondered where I would hang the next mandatory poster that the federal or state government thinks needs to be located in my workplace.


Anonymous said…
I'm still learning about private practice from a business viewpoint. Do you have any advice about managing employees? Do you use an advisory board or board of directors? Really like this format.
Oh, I have lots of advice - but I don't promise that it is good ;)

If you have a more specific question, I would be happy to address it. I don't use an advisory board and my corporate structure doesn't include/require a BOD. When I need to commune with higher powers, I ride around my property mowing the lawn on my John Deere! I do my best thinking on my John Deere...

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