Celebrating TEN YEARS of occupational therapy blogging!

Ten years ago I posted this first entry:


Hi everyone...

This is the ABC Therapeutics weblog. We are occupational therapists in Western New York.

More coming soon...


Well it has been ten years!

Sometimes the entries were patient stories.  Sometimes they were opinions on professional matters.  Sometimes they were analyses and criticisms of the systems we work in.  Sometimes the entries were pithy and academic and sometimes they were pedantic and boring.

No matter what it all has been, I hope that I have been faithful to my mission of creating an ongoing experiment in a mostly open-source exploration of occupational therapy.  No ads.  No bias other than 'just me - '  straight shooting commentary from the hip of a street level practitioner.  Sometimes that resonated and sometimes it created enmity - but it is all dialogue and that is something that we all need a lot more of.

No matter what, it seems appropriate to take the opportunity to thank those who have read, debated, agreed, disagreed, pondered, acted, and  contributed by commenting or sharing ideas here.

I'll be re-linking some 'blasts from the past' all week as I celebrate this ten year achievement!

Here's to the next ten years!

- Chris


Mike said…
Congratulations, Chris! I like the patient stories and the history best, but it is always interesting to read.
Happy Anniversary although belated. I love reading your blog because you are so straight forward, educational and speak your mind. Please keep it up for another 10 years and more!!!

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