Assistance requested with reading Emily Post inscription

Emily Post continued her literary career and in 1910 An Eagle's Feather was published. 

Apparently, she was still in contact with George E. Barton.  Here is a copy of the inscription to him in this book:

I am having a little difficulty with reading the print - it seems that Emily Post is stating her dissatisfaction with something - I was assuming it might be with the cover picture?  If anyone has any good guesses on what she was referring to I would love to hear opinions.

Whenever I can't read someone's writing I am always surprised to find out how it was so apparent to someone else - and then in looking at it a second time I don't know why I didn't see it!  Any help with this is appreciated.


Cheryl said…
It definitely says "shoddy"
Yes, but shoddy what? That is where I am stuck!


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