up in flames

I have had several good reasons to write more this last week but my time has been consumed with so many tasks. That has been somewhat depressing. There is an interesting juxtaposition of living such a tremendously full life and wanting to document some of the more candid experiences here - and then deciding that life is too full to be spending any spare precious moments documenting it. That is interesting to me.

Anyway, today was just the pinnacle of insanity when we walked into the pediatric clinic and were surprised to find the computer turned off. That in itself is not such an unusual finding because power outages do occur and I figured that perhaps the recent ice storms caused some temporary 'brown-outs'. What was crazy was that I precognitively thought to myself "Well I will just fire up the computer here and get to work." So I flipped the power on and the computer literally started smoking.

It is a depressing thing to see a computer go up in flames like that, knowing that all your valuable patient files and billing software are just centimeters away from the smoldering power supply or motherboard. It was a moment of total helplessness and I was just frozen in time and slowly coming to the realization of what was happening. I sat there, eyes blinking and head shaking in desperate disbelief when I heard the quizzical commentary of my colleague, "Chris, is smoke supposed to be coming out of the computer like that?" I don't think she was trying to be funny but the more I think about that moment the more hilarious I realize it actually was.

I did a full system backup about a week ago which I now understand is not recent enough. I considered firing my IT manager (myself) for lack of proper planning but then realized it might not be a good idea to leave the IT department in the hands of colleagues who wonder out loud if computers are supposed to have smoldering smoke trails when they are turned on. So I spared myself and ran out to the computer store and begged the guy to pull out my hard drive and slave it into another computer. Thankfully, God watches over fools and little children so my hard drive was spared in this catastrophe and all my data was recoverable. That was a close call.

On a side note, this was the second dramatic incidence of divine intercession this week. Someone is trying to tell me something.

So life is full and we are blessed in oh so many ways.


Gotta lotta say. I was only a naïve 19 when I began… and finished my novel with a plethora of extremely helpful insights which you may have not yet realized; engrossing wit, sardonic satire; and basically straight-forward-Jesus that’d make anyone cognizant this is only a test of our Finite Existence. For we alone decide which Eternity to go to, Upstairs or DownTown, because we alone have free-choice. Thus, God Almighty respects U.S. when we arrive at the Final Judgment because sHe loves U.S.

Phazers on stun. I talk of a Heavenly Scent, an ardent desire with the whiff of a definite locale, while I bolster the mean, Great Beyond with the passion of a magnanimous madman: Full of some gorgeous, panoramic, tall-true-tales making U.S. yearn and sigh for Heaven Above; A novel of short-stories, quotes, prayers, poetry, hardcore-heartbreaking-hilarity, aggressive conundrums, Salvador-Dali-homily, and some savvy-MHz, avant-garde, Phat-Boy-Christianity from a severely, head-injured Catholic you might call crazy. That’s, uh, all very well-N-good... but, yet, who ever said YOU were sane? Touché? After this is all over, I expect Him to edit my theoretical cranium. I seeeriously doubt He will, though. Jesus loves the crazies who aren’t necessarily conformed by what others think of 7th Heaven.

What you’ll find in my wonderful, fruitFULL, dynamic novel is an incredible, indelible treasure, unlike any other in the known cosmos. It’s by moi. And I’m one-of-a-kind. Not bragging, brudda. sHe threw away the mold. ONE o’me is plenty HeeHee If you decide to read this baroque script, get in touch with my CPA, Edward Foree, at 1-785-266-9111. Out next week. Poifect for X-mass, evangelism, or just to curl-up and read on a rainy day when you realize the Son's behind the clouds!

Long Live Christ the King

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