Occupational therapy blogs you must read.

This weekend I participated in a presentation with four OT colleagues at the AOTA National Conference in Indianapolis.  Conference can be a little stodgy at times- but not with this group!

I want to publicly acknowledge the OT Social Media Awesomeness of this group of people who obviously know how to have fun and be awesome/inspirational/educational at the same time:

Cheryl Morris: http://otnotes.blogspot.com
When I saw Cheryl's level of extreme organization and skill in managing multiple information sources and easily coordinating a cascade of incoming information I was just amazed.  Then I wanted to hire her to help me organize my office!  She was the glue of the group and did a fantastic job getting it all initially coordinated.

Anita Hamilton: http://technots.blogspot.com
OK, so when I met Anita she was in her pajamas, effectively modeling the garb that could be used to conduct a groundbreaking and worldwide online occupational therapy conference (www.ot4ot.com) from the comfort of her own home.  She is inspirational, knowledgeable, brilliant, and it was an absolute privilege being able to work with her on the AOTA presentation!

Karen Dobyns: http://otstudents.blogspot.com
Karen is the world-famous former student and now full-fledged OT colleague who is still hanging onto her title as Miss OTPF!  Karen was a lot of fun to meet and I am not sure if she knows yet how powerful her idea is about Learning Out Loud - so I will be excited to watch her continue with her blogging and learning.

Erik Johnson: www.armyotguy.com
Erik is the rock star of the group - his ability to project himself and his promotion of the profession in such a charismatic and powerful way was amazing to watch.  I have an internally automatic respect and appreciation for people who serve in our armed forces.  Erik reinforces every positive feeling I have and it was an honor to work with him in this group.

So I hope I have not embarrassed any of them with my words; I simply mean to recognize and thank them all sincerely.   What a fantastic group of people!  Go to all of these blogs and bookmark/subscribe to them.  You will not regret it.


Anita Hamilton said…
Thanks Chris for your very kind words. I loved your contribution to what was a very well rounded presentation.
You have one of the best OT blogs and you are clearly one of the true early adopters of technology!! It was such a privilege to work with you!
Cheryl said…
Chris, thank you sincerely for your words and your participation!

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