The news is so sad today I don't even know what to say.

There are a couple important stories in the news today that everyone needs to watch.

In this first story we see an absolute lack of understanding in how a governmental agency responded to an adult who was trying to board a plane with his family:

Dr. David Mandy: Special Needs Son Harassed by TSA at Detroit Metropolitan Airport:

In the second story we see people completely disrespecting and interfering with a Special Olympics activity. It is certainly within their rights to express their displeasure about whatever they want, but sane people would choose a time and place that is appropriate for such a protest:

Lastly, and most tragically, is the continued failure of NYS - all these years after Willowbrook we thought it would never happen again:

It is very clear to me that as a society we still have a very long road to travel.


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