Time for more name changing?


"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

There is a history of name changes in describing sensory integration problems. People have probably heard:
  1. SI disorder
  2. SID (sensory integration dysfunction)
  3. DSI (Disorder of sensory integration)
  4. SPD (Sensory processing disorder)
You can check here for someone's blog entry on the issue. The SPD Foundation (formerly KID Foundation) has mostly scrubbed references on its website to the words that are no longer in vogue. That is helpful, particularly since they are seeking DSM-V recognition of SID/DSI/SPD.

Have I used enough initialisms and acronyms in this entry yet?

Now we have a companion problem in that there are multiple meanings for the concept of a 'sensory profile.' I was googling some information on the Sensory Profile assessment and I came across these references:

Sensory profile of mandarin chilled juices and consumers' acceptability

Mexican Mennonite-style cheese: Sensory profile of young cheeses from Chihuahua Mexico

Development of a sensory profile for the specific denomination “Galician potato”

When machine tastes coffee: Instrumental approach to predict the sensory profile of espresso coffee

The poor sensory researchers just can't catch a break. How many times will the name of the disorder and now the tests used to measure the disorder be co-opted???

I assure you all - our name will never change and we will always be ABC Therapeutics!


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