Saturday, May 03, 2008

new sensory research for children who have autism

Below is a feed I picked off of ScienceDaily - reporting on a study that was presented at the recent AOTA conference. I wish that more information was available - and I was unable to attend conference this year.

I'll have to reserve most of my comments because I just need more information. I am encouraged by the apparent rigor of a double blind design - but wondering if they just used the Sensory Profile as a pre-post measurement. I'll try to find out and post more...

Here is the newsfeed:

Autistic Mannerisms Reduced By Sensory Treatment

ScienceDaily (2008-04-27) -- Children with autistic spectrum disorders who underwent sensory integration therapy exhibited fewer autistic mannerisms compared to children who received standard treatments. Such mannerisms, including repetitive hand movements or actions, making noises, jumping or having highly restricted interests, often interfere with paying attention and learning. ...; read full article

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